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Canipe's Submissions of FBI PX 45 Request a/k/a the Calvin Cycle Before House Oversight Subcommittee


On 4-12-07, Communications Director LuAnn Canipe submitted the FBI PX 45 request, a/k/a the Calvin cycle, before the House Oversight Subcommittee as an integral part of its investigation of Purdue's "tabletop bubbles research." See, Hunt Submissions at 97-99. The FBI PX 45 request is also known as the Calvin cycle, because it pertains to DOJ (Tax) trial counsel Jerry Parshall's memorandum request of 8-11-98 before Chief Mullarkey for the FBI crime lab's forensic analysis of the PX 45 tape, of which the court (James T. Moody) on 6-23-98 produced a badly chopped-up copy, which its clerk certified as the "original PX 45 tape," from which was taken the matter disclosed by Steve Beering of PCDF's making of the Calvin cycleThe Calvin cycle and the tabletop bubbles are two intertwining federal false claims by Purdue

This post elucidates NSF OIG Senior Counsel Monte Fisher's murder plot, to provide the details for the author Francis K. Fong's brief summary of the PX 45 tape in his letter of 5-10-07 to Canipe and Martin Jischke, France Cordova's predecessor President of Purdue University, Hunt Submissions at 33.  Through the proceedings of the subject lawsuit, United States v. Fong, Fong detected Fisher's murder plot as the MacLauchlan contract closed by Richard A. Posner, who did as follows to render impotent the House Subcommittee's investigation of the FBI PX 45 request, a/k/a the Calvin cycle. He installed Cordova on the National Science Board in control of its Oversight Committee to disable OIG's investigation instituted by its AIG (Criminal) Peggy Fischer, and ordered Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 (Thomas Busch) in implementing the Kyrouac Agreement to record the RNFTL made out by Cordova in furtherance of that agreement. 

The October 8, 1986 Meeting - The PX 45 Tape on the Calvin Cycle

On 10-8-86, Beering convened a meeting. Present were School of Science Dean Ken Kliewer, Chemistry Deparetment Head Harry Pardue, Provost Varro Tyler and Fong. The purpose was to discuss Purdue's submission to the United States Congress to arrive at remedial measures for (1) PCDF's agreement in the making of the Calvin cycle - NSF's dark photosynthesis funding standard; (2) the Posner-Margerum transfer to procure Reviewer No. 8, and (3) the state and federal tax issues arising from (1) and (2).  Beering tape-recorded the proceedings.

(a) FBI PX 45 Request a/k/a the Calvin Cycle

On 4-26-88, Beering submitted the tape recording of the 10-8-86 meeting to the court in Francis K. Fong v. Purdue University, U.S.D.C., N.D. Ind., Hammond Division, No. L-88, i.e., PX 45, Exhibit and Witness List (4/25/88-4/28/88).  This List shows the chain-of-custody of PX 45: no one except Beering and the court had access to it. 
On 6-23-98, the court (Moody) issued an order to release a tape recording, which the court's clerk, Steve Ludwig, certified as "the original PX 45 tape."  But this "original" tape was  badly chopped up.  Side A of the tape (please download and play) appeared intact; but Side B was shortened by approximately 30 minutes.  Compare, the court's certified transcript submitted by Beering on 4-26-88, which faithfully tracks the deletions manifested by the mechanical "clicks" and broken words uttered by Beering.  See, Fong's 7-29-98 letter to DOJ (Tax) trial counsel Gerald Parshall.  On 8-11-98, Parshall, Fong and Margareta, Fong's wife, met at the Justice Center in Washington.  There, in the library near Parshall's office, the three of them listened to the tape in its entirety.  Parshall verified the broken up passages on Side B of the tape, and determined that the discussions on the Calvin cycle were deleted in toto.  Accordingly, he wrote for submission on the following business day before his superior, Chief Mullarkey, a memorandum request for the FBI crime lab's forensic analysis of Moody's "original PX 45 tape."  In 1988, the deletions set in motion the murder plot for eliminating Don MacLauchlan as Fong's live witness in the GAO review committed 10-30-89 by Senator Lugar's office (Keith Luse), see, Hunt Submissions at 25. 

On 9-18-98 DOJ (Tax) Chief Pat Mullarkey wrote the author Francis K. Fong:  
  • “In Chief Judge Sharp’s thorough opinion appearing at 692 F.Supp 930, he extensively discusses PX 45, see esp. pp 941-942. *** Dr. Beering contended that the entire meeting had not been recorded in the first place; at that time you were contending that a portion of the tape was deleted in 1986. The court found that regardless of which contention was correct, the matter wasn’t on the tape so it could not support any of your claims. *** So many people had access to the tape from 1986 on, that it would serve no purpose for the F.B.I. to examine the tape, because even if it were concluded that matter was deleted from the tape, it would be impossible to tell who did it or when.”

But evidence of the tampering on Side B of PX 45 is manifested by Beering's broken words and the mechanical clicks appearing immediately following the broken sentence, "A letter I wrote Dr. Ford that I decided not to send pending internal investigations . . ." Transcript at 9, end of paragraph 2.  Because this transcript was submitted, PX 45B on 4-26-88, by Beering to the court, the "so many people had access to the tape from 1986 on" are narrowed to Beering and the court.  PX 45B tracks precisely PX 45, the tape released by Moody could only have been tampered with by Beering, the court. Nowhere in “Chief Judge Sharp’s through opinion” was there an “extensive” discussion of PX 45. Instead, Sharp's discussion was on "PX 46," a copy of PX 45 made by Purdue audio technician Richard Kemmer, Exhibit and Witness List, 692 F.Supp. 930, 938.  Fong has a tape recording of Mullarkey's telephone call on 9-22-98, in which he contradicted his letter in all details.  The DOJ executive wondered in the recorded conversation why DOJ(Tax) trial counsel Jerry Parshall asked Fong to contact The New York Times to facilitate Mullarkey's request for the FBI crime lab's forensic analysis of the PX 45 tape. ("the FBI PX 45 request")
Beering's lawyer David Starkweather in a motion paper filed 9-9-98, Hunt Submissions at 35-36, wrote:
  • "The facts which demonstrate that Fong's cross motion for summary judgment should be denied are: the alleged [PX45] tape which is the subject of Fong's counterclaim was not tampered with and the federal district court conclusively resolved this issue more than a decade ago; the statute of limitations bars Fong's allegations with respect to evidence submitted in a case in 1988." 
Assuming the truth of Starkweather's statement, Beering did not shorten the tape.  What he did was to comply with Richard A. Posner's order.  Beering shortened the transcript to match the abbreviated tape by Mullarkey to take from it the patterned activity for making the Calvin cycle.  Mullarkey lied in his letter. 

(b) Cordova's Appointment to NSB : Fisher's murder plot

On 8-5-02, Fisher wrote of a "murder plot."  At that time Beering was named to the NSB (National Science Board).  Fisher's murder plot relates to Richard A. Posner's order of the MacLauchlan contract described in Beering's letter authenticated by the U.S. Attorney by order of federal court issued 2-20-98:
Accordingly, Fong wrote Purdue President France Cordova, also a member of the NSB.  He anticipates her proper response to the two-pronged question pertinent to the Calvin cycle.  An officer of the United States, Cordova has a duty under the Code, 26 U.S.C. Sec. 7214(a)(4), to report, in writing, to the Treasury Secretary.  A potential concern relates to Kelly Lee's answer to Fong's inquiry as to Cordova's installment on the NSB to help Beering control its Oversight Committee in order to cover up Fisher's murder plot a/k/a Posner's order of the MacLauchlan contract.
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